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MicroLite OData update

The latest release of MicroLite.Extensions.WebApi (6.1) and Net.Http.WebApi.OData (3.1) now provide support for nearly the entire OData 3 spec that can be supported by MicroLite.

It is now possible to compare 2 properties:

$filter=FirstName eq LastName

And call nested functions:

$filter=concat(concat(City, ', '), Country) eq 'Berlin, Germany'

Decimal/Double and Single values don’t require .0 for whole values:

$filter=Price eq 5M can now be used as well as $filter=Price eq 5.0M

Method parameters no longer require a space after the comma:

$filter=endswith(CompanyName,'Futterkiste’) can now be used as well as
$filter=endswith(CompanyName, 'Futterkiste')

Literal strings (text wrapped in single quotes) can now contain a single quote by escaping it with another single quote:

$filter=LastName eq ‘O’’Brien’

Grouping is now supported in queries:

$filter=LastName eq 'Smith' and (Title eq 'Mr' or Title eq 'Mrs')

Without the grouping, the query would be translated as:

LastName = Smith and Title = Mr
Title = Mrs

There is no concept of an “in list” in OData so a grouped set of “or”s is the way to achieve the same result.

endswith, startswith, and substringof now no longer require eq true at the end:

startswith(CompanyName,’Alfr’) is the same as startswith(CompanyName,’Alfr’) eq true

The not operator has also been implemented which means you can negate function calls:

not startswith(CompanyName,’Alfr’)