MicroLite 6.3

MicroLite development has been quiet for a while, although I have some plans for version 7.0, they are quite big and as part of that is moving to support .NET Core it’s a way off. In the interim I’m planning another build for version 6 which will pull some of the quicker and easier changes which were waiting for 7.0.

The biggest change will be that the support for databases other than MS SQL will be moved into separate libraries which reference the third party drivers explicitly. The only real impact will be pulling in MicroLite.Database.<DbType> in addition to MicroLite if you use MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.

To see what else is to be included, view the milestone for 6.3

Edit 24 Aug 2016: The split for databases into separate projects will now not happen until MicroLite 7.0 to avoid introducing a breaking change in 6.3


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