Understanding InvalidCastException

We can sometimes get an InvalidCastException thrown when reading a record from the database, the usual reason for this is that the database column does not match the property type on the class. For example, we have a column defined in the database as:

PhoneNumber int not null

and in the class we have

public string PhoneNumber { get; set; }

The reason this will fail is that MicroLite will read the value using the most efficient method and since the property is a string and IDataReader has a method GetString that will be called, essentially doing this:

obj.PhoneNumber = dataReader.GetString(idx);

However since the actual returned value in the IDataReader is an int which cannot be implicitly cast to a string we get an InvalidCastException. To resolve this, change the property type and database column to be compatible types (e.g. change the database column to string or change the class property to int).


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