Upgrading to MicroLite 6.0

There are a few changes in MicroLite 6.0 and some of the extensions which you need to be aware of when updating from a previous version.

The .NET 4.5 build now contains an Async version of the session api (IAsyncSession and IAsyncReadOnlySession). If you are using a .NET 4.5 app, I suggest you update to make full use of the async version. The MVC and WebApi extensions already exclusively make use of it (see further below for more details).

Here’s the .NET 4.5 async version of each session method:

.NET 4.0 API .NET 4.5 API
Read API
Session.Fetch(SqlQuery) await Session.FetchAsync(SqlQuery)
Session.Paged(SqlQuery) await Session.PagedAsync(SqlQuery)
Session.Single(obj) await Session.SingleAsync(obj)
Session.Single(SqlQuery) await Session.SingleAsync(SqlQuery)
Write API
Session.Delete(obj) await Session.DeleteAsync(obj)
Session.Insert(obj) await Session.InsertAsync(obj)
Session.Update(obj) await Session.UpdateAsync(obj)
Session.Advanced.Delete(Type, obj) await Session.Advanced.DeleteAsync(Type, obj)
Session.Advanced.Execute(SqlQuery) await Session.Advanced.ExecuteAsync(SqlQuery)
Session.Advanced.ExecuteScalar(SqlQuery) await Session.Advanced.ExecuteScalarAsync(SqlQuery)
Session.Advanced.Update(ObjectDelta) await Session.Advanced.UpdateAsync(ObjectDelta)

Attribute Mapping

If you use the attribute based mapping, the attributes are now in the MicroLite.Mapping.Attributes namespace rather than MicroLite.Mapping.


The DbEncryptedString class and associated classes has moved to the new MicroLite.Extensions.Cryptography project

SQL Builder

The Delete and Update Builder WhereEquals method has been replaced with Where().IsEqualTo() to align it with the Select Builder


Method signature needs to change from:

public ActionResult MethodName(args)


public async Task<ActionResult> MethodName(args)


Method signature needs to change from:

public HttpResponseMessage Get(int id)


public Task<HttpResponseMessage> Get(int id)


public Task<HttpResponseMessage> Get(int id)
    return this.GetEntityResponseAsync(id);

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