MicroLite Extension Release Candidates

A release candidate for all the MicroLite extensions has been released built against MicroLite 6.0-rc. As with the MicroLite 6.0-rc, these are still to be considered pre-release so don’t roll them into production just yet!

When the final build of each extension is released along side MicroLite 6.0, I will publish full release notes and an upgrade guide but here’s a couple of pointers if you want to try out the release candidates:

Mvc and WebApi extension

The .NET 4.5 build of both the extensions now use the Async version of the Session API added in MicroLite 6.0, if you use the .NET 4.5 build you will need to use IAsyncSession instead of ISession and IAsyncReadOnlySession instead of IReadOnlySession.

WebApi extension

The method signature for the MicroLiteApiController<T> and the MicroLiteODataApiController<T> helpers has changed from:

protected virtual HttpResponseMessage ...


protected virtual Task<HttpResponseMessage> ...

So for the Get method you would need to update from:

public HttpResponseMessage Get(int id)
    return this.GetEntityResponse(id);


public Task<HttpResponseMessage> Get(int id)
    return this.GetEntityResponse(id);


The DbEncryptedString class has now moved to a new package MicroLite.Extensions.Cryptography.


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