MicroLite 6.0 Beta 2

A second beta for MicroLite 6.0.0 has been released on NuGet, please feel free to download it and try it out.

This contains a fix for a bug I found in the previous beta whilst updating some of the extensions to work with the new async methods.

There are some breaking changes in MicroLite 6.0 which make them incompatible with some functionality in the current versions of the Mvc extension (5.3.0) and WebApi extension (4.3.0). The extensions will be updated alongside MicroLite 6.0 when the final build is released but at this point in time, there are no beta builds for the extensions.

Remember, this is a beta so use it for testing only, not production code!

If you find any bugs, please raise them in the GitHub Issues along with any necessary information to reproduce it (or better yet, a pull request with a failing unit test) and we’ll make sure it’s squashed before the final release.


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