MicroLite 6.0 Beta

A beta for MicroLite 6.0.0 has been released on NuGet, please feel free to download it and try it out.

We will cover the changes in a series of blog posts, but here are the main things to be aware of:

  • Support for async/await in the session API in the .NET 4.5 build
  • Attribute mapping has moved namespace to MicroLite.Mapping.Attributes
  • DbEncryptedString has been moved into its own MicroLite.Extensions.Cryptography project and package – this will be published along side the final MicroLite 6.0 build
  • Support for specifying the DbType of a property
  • Support for dynamic connection strings (in addition to named connection strings)
  • Updates to the Delete and Update SqlBuilders to make them more on par with the Select builder
  • Improved logging and debugging support
  • Removed methods marked as obsolete in MicroLite 5.0-5.3

Unfortunately, we have not had time to finish the Oracle and Sybase implementations so they won’t be included in 6.0, they will have to wait for MicroLite 6.1.

Remember, this is a beta so use it for testing only, not production code!

If you find any bugs, please raise them in the GitHub Issues along with any necessary information to reproduce it (or better yet, a pull request with a failing unit test) and we’ll make sure it’s squashed before the final release.


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