MicroLite Impresses Reviewer

The author of this post The Sorry State of .NET ORMs recently got in contact to let me know how impressed he was with MicroLite and that it came out top among all the ORMs he tested.

I won’t re-post his entire review, but here are a few points I appreciated:

MicroLite will actually not only configure much of its use by convention, but also will handle things like opening/closing connections for you, pooling your connections and much, much more.

It’s nice to see convention based mapping we added in an earlier version has helped reduce the setup of a new application and to understand some of the work MicroLite saves you from having to do yourself to get data between your application and database.

The documentation had me up and running in less than 10 minutes from knowing absolutely nothing about the lib

This is great! documentation is always the least fun thing to do as a developer and keeping it up to date and meaningful is always a challenge so it’s nice to know we’re doing a good job.

All in all, I have to admit to being very impressed.

Thank you!


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