MicroLite 5.3 upcoming features

MicroLite 5.3 is currently in development, you can see the progress by checking the GitHub 5.3 Milestone

Sequence Columns

The main change in this release is the support for sequence columns as identifiers, this will be supported in the Firebird dialect and also the MS SQL Server dialect.

In order to support the new features in MS SQL Server 2012, we are changing the existing MS SQL Server dialect. The existing dialect will be renamed to MsSql2005 and a new MsSql2012 will be added. As far as the configuration goes, if you use MS SQL Server you will need to change the following method call:

.ForMsSqlConnection("connection name")

to one of the following:

.ForMsSql2005Connection("connection name")
// or
.ForMsSql2012Connection("connection name")

MsSql2005 will work with MS SQL Server 2005 or later, the new MsSql2012 will work with MS SQL Server 2012 or later. In addition to using supporting sequences (as well as still supporting identity), the MsSql2012Dialect also uses the new OFFSET FETCH syntax instead of common table expressions which the 2005 dialect uses.

SQL Builder

The In and NotIn methods on the SqlBuilder now support multiple sub queries which means you can use it like this:

var subOne = new SqlQuery("SOME SQL");
var subTwo = new SqlQuery("SOME SQL");

var parentQuery = SqlBuilder
    .Select("Id", "Firstname", "Surname", "Username")
    .Where("Id").In(subOne, SubTwo)

The aim is to have MicroLite 5.3 finished by 17th September and we will hopefully have a beta build out in the next day or two, keep an eye out for it on nuget.org.


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