MicroLite 5.0 MiniProfiler support

Along with the release of MicroLite 5.0, we have added an extension to integrate with the StackExchange MiniProfiler.

It’s simple to use, install the NuGet package:

Install-Package MicroLite.Extensions.MiniProfiler

Which will pull down the StackExchange MiniProfiler, and also add the extension method to wire it up for MicroLite in your configuration:

    .Extensions() // If you are also using a logging extension, that should be loaded first.

After that, follow the instructions for starting and saving profile results (and optionally viewing them in an MVC app) on the website at miniprofiler.com

Version 1.0 of the extension configures MicroLite to use the profiled database commands, in future versions we may look to add additional timings for core MicroLite functionality.


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