MicroLite 5.0 Released

MicroLite 5.0.0 has been released on NuGet.


MicroLite 5.0 contains a number of changes and enhancements, many of which have been detailed in previous posts:

In addition to these, there are a number of internal changes to improve the performance of MicroLite and reduce its memory footprint.

Upgrading to 5.0

Firstly, if you didn’t use the new configuration method introduced in MicroLite 4.0.1 for configuring a connection, change to use it:


Secondly, the SqlBuilder class has moved from MicroLite.Query to MicroLite.Builder so you will need to change any using MicroLite.Query; statements to using MicroLite.Builder; and any calls to MicroLite.Query.SqlBuilder to MicroLite.Builder.SqlBuilder if you have them fully qualified. A simple find and replace on “MicroLite.Query” to “MicroLite.Builder” should be sufficient.

Thirdly, the deprecated Projection(SqlQuery) method on IReadOnlySession/ISession has been removed, use Fetch<dynamic>(SqlQuery) instead as noted in MicroLite 4.0 – Changes to Projections and Dynamics.

The Wiki wiki page has also been improved with more details and examples – please check it out!


4 thoughts on “MicroLite 5.0 Released

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