MicroLite 5.0 – New Features

The last few posts have covered some of the changes coming in MicroLite 5.0, now that the major ones are covered let’s take a look at at some of the new features:


The ObjectDelta class and the ISession.Advanced.Update(ObjectDelta) add a neat way to perform partial updates against a database row.

// Firstly we need to instantiate a new ObjectDelta instance and 
// provide it with the class the update is targeted against and 
// the identifier value of the instance to update.
var objectDelta = new ObjectDelta(
    type: typeof(Customer), identifier: 12823);

// Then we can add a number of updates.
objectDelta.AddChange(propertyName: "Locked", newValue: 0);

using (var session = sessionFactory.OpenSession())
    using (var transaction = session.BeginTransaction())
        // Apply the update and confirm if a record was updated.
        bool wasUpdated = session.Advanced.Update(objectDelta);



The type converter support has been increased by adding support for the System.Uri class. As before with the XDocument support in MicroLite 3.0.3, it’s as simple as setting the property type:

public class Thing
    public Uri Website { get; set; }

The conversion is managed by the MicroLite.TypeConverters.UriTypeConverter and is registered in the TypeConverter.Converters collection by default.


We have added finer control over when the connection to the database is opened and closed. The default behaviour matches MicroLite 4.0 and earlier which is to open a connection when a transaction is started and closed it when the transaction is completed.

However there may be times where you want to open the connection and close it when a session is opened and disposed (e.g. performing multiple transactions in a single session where it is more performant to hold a connection open or where you use SQLite in-memory databases where the database is deleted when the connection is closed).

In order to use it, call the overload on ISessionFactory when opening a session:

var session = sessionFactory.OpenSession(ConnectionScope.PerSession);

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