MicroLite 5.0 – Reduced Mutability of SqlQuery

In MicroLite 5.0, the mutability of the SqlQuery object has been reduced. Once set via the constructor, the command text can now no longer be changed and the arguments cannot be added to or removed from. This allows us to make some performance improvements within the framework since we know the object cannot change.

The class now looks like this:

public sealed class SqlQuery : IEquatable<SqlQuery>
    private readonly object[] arguments;
    private readonly string commandText;

    public SqlQuery(string commandText, params object[] arguments)
        this.commandText = commandText;
        this.arguments = arguments ?? new object[0];

    public string CommandText { get { return this.commandText; } }

2 thoughts on “MicroLite 5.0 – Reduced Mutability of SqlQuery

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