MicroLite 5.0 – Removal of InsertOrUpdate

Another of the changes to the API in MicroLite 5.0 is the removal of the InsertOrUpdate(object) method on ISession.

The reason for the removal is that it only worked correctly if you used the IdentifierStrategy.DbGenerated. In the interest of keeping the API small and not having methods which only work in specific scenarios it has been removed.

If you use the IdentifierStrategy.DbGenerated and wish to keep using this method, you can use the following extension method:

public static void InsertOrUpdate(this ISession session, object instance)
    var objectInfo = ObjectInfo.For(instance.GetType());

    if (objectInfo.HasDefaultIdentifierValue(instance))

1 thought on “MicroLite 5.0 – Removal of InsertOrUpdate

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