MicroLite 5.0 – Changes to IdentifierStrategy

One of the changes coming in MicroLite 5.0 is the removal of the IdentifierStrategy options for Guid and GuidComb.

If you currently use either of them, you can maintain the functionality by using the Assigned IdentifierStrategy and creating a custom IListener to set the value.

using System;
using MicroLite.Listeners;
using MicroLite.Mapping;

public class GuidListener : Listener
    public override void BeforeInsert(object instance)
        var objectInfo = ObjectInfo.For(instance.GetType());

        if (objectInfo.TableInfo.IdentifierColumn.PropertyInfo.PropertyType == typeof(Guid))
            var identifier = Guid.NewGuid();

            objectInfo.SetIdentifierValue(instance, identifier);

If you used the GuidComb strategy, you can find the code to generate the next GUID here and use this line instead:

var identifier = GuidGenerator.CreateComb();

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