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Compiled Help File

Although it isn’t immediately obvious, the NuGet package of MicroLite contains a compiled help file (since release 3.0.3).

You can find it in solution folder\packages\MicroLite.x.x.x\MicroLite.chm it is built from the XML documentation (which also is used by Visual Studio to provide tool tips).

It looks like this:

MicroLite Compiled Help

It is improved with each release an contains example usage for the more commonly used methods.


Using SQLite (Updated)

In the Using SQLite post, we covered how to use the SQLite.Data library with MicroLite.

Recently however in version, the SQLite team have decided that the nuget package we were recommending adds a dependency on Entity Framework. Fortunately they have also released a separate package System.Data.SQLite.Core which is just the core SQLite.Data with no further dependencies.

The previous instructions should still all be the same, just change to use the System.Data.SQLite.Core package instead.