MicroLite 5.0

There are some big changes and improvements scheduled for MicroLite 5.0 which is currently in development and you may notice pre-release builds on NuGet.

Feel free to download them and try them out, although be aware that they are still subject to change before they are finally released. Please do not use any pre-release builds for production apps & be aware that there may be changes which are not yet listed on the blog or the wiki.

If you do want to try out MicroLite 5.0 before it’s released, any feedback would be appreciated, either in the comments on the blog or the GitHub issues list (although please keep that to defects or feature requests).

There are a significant number of changes in version 5.0, a large number of those are focused around increasing performance and reducing memory usage (there will be a series of blog posts detailing those over the next few weeks).

As far as the API goes, overall it should be mostly backwards compatible although there are some breaking changes. I won’t cover those in this post as the builds are still at alpha stage and additional changes may occur before 5.0 is released.


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