Changes to Logging extensions

The MicroLite.Extensions.Log4Net and MicroLite.Extensions.NLog packages have been replaced by MicroLite.Logging.Log4Net and MicroLite.Logging.NLog.

The old packages have been updated to simply act as a redirect to the new ones so you shouldn’t be impacted by this change at all. However it would be worth while uninstalling the old package and installing the new one manually.

The old packages are still listed (but hidden) so things like Package Restore will still work for you.

The main reason for doing this is to get the logging extensions on a cleaner versioning and release process – the early builds were done before I fully understood the way nuget package dependencies worked therefore we ended up with new builds when we didn’t actually need them.

In future, the packages will only be updated if there are breaking changes in MicroLite, Log4Net or NLog that they need to cater for.


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