Monthly Archives: June 2013

MicroLite 4.0

There are some big changes and improvements scheduled for MicroLite 4.0 and the MicroLite WebApi extensions 3.0.

You may notice early alpha and beta builds on NuGet. Feel free to download them and try them out, although be aware that they are far from complete and further changes will occur before they are finally released. Please do not use any pre-release builds for production apps & be aware that there may be changes which are not yet listed on the blog or the wiki.

If you do want to try out MicroLite 4.0 before it’s released, any feedback would be appreciated, either in the comments on the blog or the GitHub issues list (although please keep that to bugs).

The main change you will notice in 4.0 over previous versions is that the default mapping convention has been changed from attribute based mapping to Convention BasedĀ Mapping. If you want to continue using the attribute based mapping, you will need to update your application startup to call Configure.Extensions().WithAttributeBasedMapping() before configuring the connection.

As far as the API goes, it should be backwards compatible although you may get some build warnings for some methods which have changed.

Since version MicroLite 3.0.3, the NuGet package contains a copy of the compiled help for that version, you can find it in solution folder\packages\MicroLite.x.x.x\MicroLite.chm.