3.1.0 Released

Version 3.1.0 has been released for MicroLite.


  • Creating custom type converters.
  • DbEncryptedString
  • Extension support for SqlDialects.
  • The ConventionMapping now allows specifying a default table schema.

The obsolete warnings on the following methods are now compilation errors so if you have not already, please update to the new API.

  • IConfigureConnection.ForConnection(string connectionName);
  • IReadOnlySession.Paged(SqlQuery sqlQuery, int page, int resultsPerPage);

6 thoughts on “3.1.0 Released

    1. trevorpilley Post author

      I can see where it would be a useful feature, but it would require some careful thought as to how it should be implemented. Is it something you would like to implement? the project is open to pull requests for features 🙂

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