What’s coming after 3.0?

It’s been quite a while since 3.0.0 was released, so here’s where MicroLite is headed.

Version 3.1 is currently being worked on and at the moment the intention is to add the following:

  • Enable specifying a table schema in the convention based mapping introduced in 3.0
  • Enable custom type converters – there has been a fair amount of refactoring internally in 3.0 and over the course of the point releases since to get ready for exposing the type conversion API.
  • Enable custom SQL dialects – just like the type converters, the intention has always been to expose the sql dialects for extension.
  • Add a DbEncryptedString class which can be used to automatically decrypt/encrypt data when it is read/written to the database.

We also want to add support for Oracle, Firebird and Sybase however these may not make the 3.1 release and may have to wait until 3.2.


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