Unit Testing when using the Convention Based Mapping

If you are using the new Convention Based Mapping introduced in MicroLite 3.0 and want to unit test code which uses the SqlBuilder, you will need to ensure that the convention extension is loaded before the tests are run.

The reason for this is that the SqlBuilder reads the ObjectInfo for the type being queried to append the column names and ObjectInfo uses the mapping convention to interrogate the type information. Since the default mapping convention is the AttributeMappingConvention, it will be called instead of the ConventionMappingConvention.

The recommended approach here is to move the configuration of MicroLite extensions into a separate class:

public static class MicroLiteConfig
    public static void ConfigureExtensions()
            .WithNLog() // If used, always load the logging extension first.
            .WithConventionBasedMapping(new ConventionMappingSettings
                IdentifierStrategy = IdentifierStrategy.DbGenerated,
                UsePluralClassNameForTableName = true

        // Register any listeners etc.

You can then call MicroLiteConfig.ConfigureExtensions() in your test setup method.

This article was written for version 3.0.0 of the MicroLite framework.


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