Monthly Archives: December 2012

MicroLite with MySQL and PostgreSQL

The next version of MicroLite (3.0.0) will introduce support for MySQL and PostgreSQL. The current pre-release build of MicroLite is available on NuGet Install-Package MicroLite -Pre for anyone who wants to try it out.

Given the differences between MS SQL, SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL it’s quite possible there are some bugs to be ironed out so if you use or would like to use MicroLite and have either a MySQL or PostgreSQL database you would like to try it out against, please feel free. Both dialects support all identifier strategies except Identity (use AutoIncrement for DB generated identifier values).

You will need to specify either MicroLite.Dialect.MySqlDialect or MicroLite.Dialect.PostgreSqlDialect when calling Configure.Fluently().ForConnection()....

Any feedback/issues would be much appreciated either in the comments or the issues list on GitHub. Alternatively if there are any problems you can fix yourself, send me a pull request :).

Please note that version 3.0.0 is at the time of this post, alpha software so it should only be used for testing purposes. The API or inner workings may change before it’s released.